Children of The Woodlands

Why Enroll at Children of The Woodlands?

We love learning!

Our students meet expectations with the help of low student-teacher ratios, which allow each teacher to spend time with your children and really know them. With a lead teacher and a teaching assistant assigned to each classroom and an average of 12 students per class, our teachers are able to discover each student's developmental level and tailor each student's learning to fit his or her individual needs.

We love Jesus and we talk about it!

We love sharing our love of God with each child, through daily Bible lessons, prayer time and weekly chapel. We nourish and encourage the conversation of God and His role in our lives.

We create!

Classrooms are filled with a wide variety of resources to spark any child’s interests. Children are allowed to choose how they do art, and they're encouraged to be creative and unique. Supplies are plentiful, and your child will create without boundaries.

We make music!

Children sing all day long: in the classroom, on the playground, and during transitions. They have opportunities to use rhythm sticks, bells, triangles, as well as child-made instruments.

We run, skip, jump and swing!

Physical activity is an important part of a child’s life. We know that children need to move, and we love that it gives them an opportunity to improve gross motor and social skills. We provide a safe and secure outdoor environment for students to participate in daily physical education and recess.